Released on the 16th May!

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11 Fun Games to Play Online

Playing games online has always been an exciting prospect for many but in the middle of a global pandemic its appeal has increased significantly. People are now forced to spend weekends at home because of the lockdown. During such times it is natural to feel lonely and bored, especially if you are on your own. Why not use this opportunity to look up some games that are equally entertaining when played online?  Not just playing. Play and earn. Yes, players can earn free bitcoins every hour by playing simple games. Not just playing. Play and earn. Yes, players can earn free bitcoins every hour by playing simple games. To get a clear idea of what Bitcoin is and how bitcoin trading generates significant investment returns, you can visit, a simple cryptocurrency platform that facilitates your trading. Here are some of the most popular fun-games that you can play:

  1. Psych: This is one of the best-known games to brighten up a dull and boring day. Launched by makers of Heads Up, this makes players create fake answers to real questions. One of the players has to choose the genuine answer from amongst the fakes. You can even play this game and ask personal questions about one another through a feature “And The Truth Comes Out”.
  2. Charades: This game is easy to play on Zoom. You can divide the total number of players into two groups and use an idea generator for choosing words and phrases. The one who will act uses the “spotlight” feature on Zoom and his team has a minute to get the answer.
  3. 20 Questions: We have played these as kids and this classic game retains its appeal online too. You start by asking 20 questions to every group member; you should be prepared for quite a few surprises along the way.
  4. Cards Against Humanity: This fill-in-the-blanks party game is mainly meant for grownups. In every round, a player asks a question using a black card while others answer with their quirkiest white card.
  5. Bingo: Bingo has always been a favorite with people of all ages and a website such as My Free Bingo Cards can get you started. You can even arrange for small prizes to be won like a gift card from a diner.
  6. Scattergories: This can be an exciting game where a letter is provided along with 5 categories such as book title, school supplies, etc. You will be given a minute to produce a word beginning with that letter you got and which fits into each of the categories.
  7. Trivia: You can start the trivia generator to start asking questions on Zoom. Every person is to send in his answers in the chat on Zoom simultaneously.
  8. Most Likely To…: You probably have heard of this one because it is great way to find out more about your pals. So, you create various “likely” scenarios like “most likely to go to a party” and then decide who will do that.
  9. Name, Place, Animal, Thing: What was hugely popular as a kids game has found its way into our lives again through online platforms. You basically choose a letter in the game and every player must list a famous place, name, animal and thing starting with that letter. One who finishes first wins the round.
  10. Pictionary: You don’t have to be an artist to try your hand at Pictionary. This classic game has straightforward rules. To play you first divide the group into a few teams and then open the word generator. A drawer from a team will generate a word. He has a minute to draw this word so that his team can guess it.
  11. Heads Up: This is the life of any party; the classic word game is one where a player must describe the word he sees on the screen to the one holding the screen to his head. Apart from these games, casino games are also a wonderful choice to release stress and to make money. Gambling is increasingly becoming popular in countries like Singapore. Many online gambling Singapore sites offer huge offers and promotions.